Summer 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most fashion-forward seasons to date ! and naturally, we're prepping our closets to ensure that they meet the moment accordingly. While we've already seen early glimpses of what trends to expect this summer (hint: nap dresses and colorful crop tops galore), we also know that statement handbags are invaluable accessories in any season ! and arguably the most worthwhile fashion piece we'll be investing in this summer.

Fortunately, with the rise of '90s styles and other, more daring fads (who could have predicted that Regencycore and Y2K fashion would trend at the same time?), the handbag selection of today has undergone a major makeover ! complete with brighter color palettes, bolder structures and an unwavering ode to the styles of the early aughts.

Regardless of your personal handbag preferences, you'll find no shortage of trendy styles to shop for summer ! from rounded bucket bags and practical tote styles, all from some of fashion's biggest retailers like Coach, Ganni, Tory Burch, JW PEI, Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker and more.

Ahead, shop ET's picks for the hottest handbags to don through summer 2022 and beyond. Plus, check out the best travel bags for summer vacations and browse the vintage designer bags in Amazon's secret section.

It's A Coastal Grandma Summer
If you haven't already been clued in on the internet's latest style trend, TikTok has officially declared it to be a coastal grandma summer. Which means that besides being the seasonal fad of my dreams (fashion grandmas, unite!), classic woven bags and other straw tote styles are expected to come back in a big way. Even if your summer plans don't involve a tropical, beach vacation, these textured bags double as great daytime options, too ! perfect for pairing with a summer nap dress (the grandma summer vibes are truly immaculate) or even an airy romper.

Bet on the Bucket Bag Trend
While sharply-structured purses and clutches had their moment in the fall, rounded bucket bag styles are proving to be the bag of choice for the upcoming summer season ! and with the resurgence of the bucket hat trend, we can't say we're surprised.

Color Is Key
Your eyes are definitely not deceiving you ! bright, monochrome styles have made major waves this spring and the colorful trend is expected to carry on long into the summer months, too. Tap into the fad with a whimsical handbag that's as eye-catching as it is practical ! perfect for your next vacation and beyond.

'90s Shoulder Bags Are Here to Stay
The consensus is in: love 'em or hate 'em, '90s shoulder bags are definitely not going anywhere ! especially not if today's most fashionable supermodels have anything to do with it. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have become notorious for dressing their nostalgic fits with a lightweight and compact shoulder bag in tow.

Opt for Office-Friendly Totes
If you're one of the many workers transitioning out of their remote lifestyle and back into the office, then you already know the value in having a deep tote bag in your wardrobe. Come summer, the accessory becomes even more of an essential ! with enough versatility and space to carry all of your daily essentials to the office, on an airplane or even on your next summer adventure.