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The charm of the "metaverse" is spreading to virtual clothing and becoming a business.

"In virtual space and time, metal can grow petals, waves can weave skirts, crystals can reverse gravity, and you can disguise into any shape." The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that on social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, virtual clothing, virtual accessories, and even virtual wings can be worn to create "exclusive fashion blockbusters".

It is the coolest piece of clothing in the "closet" - with a digital collection label, many merchants advertise as unique, limited and value-added Internet assets, creating dreams for buyers and stunning themselves.

However, a piece of clothing worn on the photo also attracted the questioning of concept hype: 199 yuan to buy a picture? This seems to be another game of IQ tax harvesting.

The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter noticed that some digital collection platforms have emerged in the secondary market. The price of virtual clothing originally sold at 299 yuan can even increase by more than a hundred times.

Xia Yuedong, founder of the technology company and author of "The Great Era of the Metaverse", said in an interview with the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that designing works for individuality may be the greatest value and significance of virtual clothing. At the same time, virtual clothing has a problem of concept hype, the bubble is very large, and it is easy to cause huge losses to individuals. And a lot of low-quality works are full of them.

"Environmental protection, high efficiency, and creative freedom", these concepts are repeatedly mentioned in the virtual clothing promotion. Xia Yuedong said that people need to understand that the value of virtual creation lies in the quality of the work itself, rather than the concept that determines its value, and the bubble will always burst one day.

Is virtual clothing "the emperor's new clothes", or is it a subversion in the era of web 3.0?